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My love for art began in my youth, growing up in Eastern Europe in Ukraine, inspired by the wondrous beauty of surrounding nature and world around me.  

Upon moving to Canada in the early 1990's, my family and I settled  in Winnipeg, Manitoba, a home to a large Ukrainian diaspora and a rich community of local artists.

The passion and drive behind my works are centered on the expression of human emotion through physical form – the subjects themselves being engaged in artistic expression through music or dance.

A large focus of my pieces are portraits and figures, using a variety of mediums, ranging from stone, resin, plaster and concrete-based substances. 

Over the years, I have had the privilege to participate in a variety of exhibitions in Canada, alongside wonderful and inspirational artists.

I currently live in Ottawa with my family, including two young grandchildren. I try to sculpt regularly, finding inspiration in nature and everyday life. My goal continues to be to share the beauty I observe in the world through my works.

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